About EDA Utilities

A lot of EDA tools are used in the design and implementation of IC chip. While the EDA tools are powerful, there are always features that are not available to address some of the IC design and implementation needs. Some of these missing features can be easily developed in a short time while some may take a longer time. The latter forms the niche for EDA Utilities.

The tools developed in EDA Utilities were done in between full-time employments, or during free time.

Writing and publishing a technology book is a new activity for EDA Utilities. Currently, there are two IC layout books in the pipelines. To find out more about the books, you may refer to BOOKS.

Please feel free to contact EDA-Utilities on the coming activities. You can contact us at enghan@, followed by the address of this web site. Pardon us for not writing the email address directly. Hopefully, the web spider will not be smart enough to harvest the email address.